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Jan and Sue

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“Since childhood I have adored using coloured pencils.  For me there is nothing quite so exciting as opening a brand new box, to stare at the rainbow effect of all those pencils lined up in order and just asking to be used!

The coloured pencil has come a long way since my childhood.  It now holds an established niche in the art world.  Uniquely versatile, we can achieve a soft and subtle style like a gentle watercolour, or a vibrant sunburst that would rival a Van Gogh sunflower.”

Jan Wilson


“Having been introduced to pastels over six years ago, I have become more and more excited with just how versatile this medium is.  Pastel is never boring!

I am at my best when I am experimenting with new materials and techniques and I like to try my hand at all styles, creating and blending of pastel to add new and exciting colours for my existing pallet.”

Sue Pearce